March 2011: Xico Inks Exhibition at Tempe Public Library

“Body Piercing”, Martin Moreno


Xico will be collaborating with the City of Tempe to bring Xico Inks to the Tempe Public Library in March 2011. The exhibit is part of Tempe’s Community Galleries. According to the City of Tempe’s Library & Cultural Services Division, the community gallery located at the Tempe Public Library

“…provide[s] art encounters that broaden the mind…create interest…inspire thought, enjoyment and discussion.”

Xico’s Xico Inks Exhibit will be part of the Tempe Youth Library 2011-2012 series. The exhibit will feature artwork spanning 20 years of printmaking from the Xico collection; originally created by local and regional Native American and Latino/a artists. An educational exhibit focusing on the cultural medium of printmaking: the process, the history.

Find more information about the exhibit here or check out our exhibitions tab.