Searching For History: John Trudell

John Trudell, llka Hartmann 2004

Today I started my search for the history of Xico’s 35 year past. I am slowly realizing that this will not be easy.

Most of the history of the organization has been compiled to 1 file box., most of it pictures. For someone like me, who can not recognize faces of the past or keep track of the names of the present, here lies a big task – that I am thoroughly committed to.

Digging through the box I found something that intrigued me – A 1st edition copy of a John Trudell set of poems. John Trudell was (via Wikipedia) a leader of the 1970s American Indian Movement – artist, actor, poet. He may not know about me, but now I know about him (a little).

So why is this book important to Xico’s history? That shall be determined.

This is the beginning of a series at the Xico blog. Over the next 5 months our ARTreach Coordinate will blog about her attempt to construct a full picture of the Xico Organizational history.

UPDATE: I emailed Trudell last week via his website.