Mother’s Day: A Guest Post by Virginia Cárdenas

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 8 and I asked Xico board member and ASU Hispanic Mother Daughter Program 8th grade Advisor Virginia Cárdenas to write a guest post for us about the importance of the holiday. Her beautiful essay is below. If you’re having trouble finding a gift for your own mother, click here for shopping suggestions from Xico!

On this Mother’s Day I write as a grandmother, as a mother and as a daughter and from the perspective of a Latina who recognizes the value of family and who takes nourishment from the fruit of hard work.

I am proud of my greatest accomplishment, being a mother to three wonderful good men.  There is no greater satisfaction than to see your children find success in life.  My oldest son, Javier who has wonderful gentle hands, is a neurologist.  My second son, Jose Luis, has a big heart and works for a nonprofit, St. Vincent de Paul.  And, my youngest son, Sergio, is dedicated to his church and to his job and clients as a banker at Wells Fargo.  Besides finding success in their work they have become incredibly good men and that makes me fulfilled.

As a grandmother, I am very aware of the great joy of watching how a family grows and leaves a legacy as children start having their own children.  Two of my sons have brought into the world my reason to focus on the future. Javier and his wife Jennifer have produced three beautiful children; Sophia, Dominic and Santino.  Sergio and his wife Elizabeth are raising our youngest grandchild, Mathew.  They are the reason that weekends are the most joyful part of the week because it is on weekends that we usually share meals together with these joyful little people.  My children have been very thoughtful to make sure that we are included in every special occasion that occurs in their children’s lives and my daughter’s-in-law, Jennifer and Elizabeth, have given me the privilege of buying special garments for those special occasions (First Communion, a special birthday) for their children. Life could not be more perfect than that!

Finally, as a daughter, I am very lucky to have my mother, Virginia.  She is the backbone of our family and the strength behind our faith.  She has been my role model for persistence, for courtesy, for education and for elegance.  There could not be a more proud and educated Mexicana than my mother.  She is respected not only by her children and her grandchildren but also by the great-grandchildren who love “bisabuelita” dearly.  After all these years, I still look to her for guidance, advice and affection and gladly visit her whenever I can.

As mothers, Latinas or otherwise, we take great joy in seeing our children happy and in being honored on our special day!

Virginia Cárdenas has been a Xico board member for many years and is currently the board secretary. She was former Chair of Arizona Commission on the Arts and is a current commissioner on this commission. She sat on the City of Chandler’s Housing and Human Resources Board and currently sits on Xico Inc. and the Latin American Arts Alliance Boards. She is also the 8th Grade Program Advisor for the ASU Hispanic Mother Daughter Program.