Art En Plein Air: Chandler Art Walk

Chandler Art Walk was a blast last night. There were a ton of people out enjoying the nice weather. I also saw a lot of new artists in addition to the regulars. It’s great to see this event grow. I’m sure that the restaurants were happy with their business too; the crowd at Murphy’s Law was even noisier and happier than usual.

This month we tried something a little different and set up a table outside and kept the gallery open too. Rob and Maria Robledo were nice enough to come out and help us watch the table (being in two places at once is not a skill I’ve mastered quite yet but I’m working on it). I hope that brought us some exposure to people who haven’t stepped into the galería before. Maybe it clued a few people into the fact that we’re a nonprofit organization that just happens to look a lot like an art gallery.