New Tile Added to the Community Rug

Artist Veronica Verdugo Lomeli visited us today to add a square to Xico’s “Community Rug.”

Artist Veronica Verdugo LomeliThis project is an ongoing one that started when we moved into our Chandler location almost three years ago. Our Executive Director Donna Valdés had the idea to create a mural in the new location, a collaboration between artists that would be a permanent statement of indigenous art. The difference between this mural and the many others in the Valley? This mural isn’t on the wall; it’s a floor mural.

When we moved into the galería, we had to remove some truly ugly carpet. Underneath we found a beautiful concrete floor, divided into 3′ x 3′ slabs. The Community Rug project began with a handful of artists spending a Saturday at Xico, each painting one slab of the floor. Today artists have created over twenty masterpieces small masterpieces and the project has added to the sense of community we want to create at Xico. Our artists get a place to show off their talents to the public and everyone gets a little more art in their lives.

The mural gets lots of comments and compliments from visitors. The most common is “It’s too pretty to walk on” (Don’t worry! We triple seal the squares after they’re painted). Responding to popular demand, we’ve started printing notecards featuring artwork from some of the squares. We’ll be issuing a few new notecards every year.

Be sure to stop by the galería and see Veronica’s square when it’s finished!