“Summer has set in with its usual severity”

Why Phoenix is so quiet in the summer

heat map by CameliaTWU

Photo by Camelia TWU, shared under Creative Commons license

The title of this post comes from the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. I’m pretty sure that he never visited Arizona, but he captured the feeling that we all get as May slides into June and the temperatures climb into the triple digits. Summer is a quiet time in the Valley of the Sun, the only sign of habitation is the hum of air conditioners. Traffic on the freeways is much lighter as snow birds, college students, and even long-time residents flee the heat. Even those that stay often choose to spend their evenings cuddling up to a fan instead of going to events (If you’re already sick of the heat, check out our blog post on refreshing summer drinks).

At Xico, summer is planning season. We use the time to go to meetings, network with other organizations, plan exhibitions, and of course get ready for Dia de los Muertos. If you’re one of our artists, you know this already because just last week you got a very long email about all the exciting stuff we’re planning for the fall. So if you don’t see us around the office as often during the summer, it’s probably because we’re in a meeting, or setting up a program at one of our community partners’ facility, or writing a grant to fund all the amazing things we’re planning. You’re always welcome to stop by the galeria and say hi. If you don’t see us there, we’re under the pile of grant applications, slowly writing our way out.