Art Resource: LACMA Image Collection

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has an amazing collection of art and they want to share that collection with the world. For that reason, they’ve developed a very cool database of high resolution images of artwork from their collection (the images are all of works that are safely in the public domain so no artists were harmed in the making of this database).

This database is great for teachers because it makes it easy to find images to go along with lectures. Students can use it too, for presentations or research. Artists will find a huge supply of inspiration for their own work.  Just browsing the database is like a treasure hunt. I found these images of clay figurines from Mexico. They were each made between 2 and 3 thousand years ago but the clean lines and graceful forms are surprisingly modern.

Check out the LACMA Image Library here.

The Art of the Ancient Americas section is where I found the images for this post. It’s definitely worth a look for anyone interested in  Latino or Native American art.