Something Out of Nothing: How Artists Find Inspiration

Have you ever felt like you can’t shift your brain out of “park” in the morning? That feeling can be terrifying for professional artists whose job is to create something new and meaningful, whether they’re feeling “inspired” or not. Most artists cope by finding exercises that jumpstart their creative energies and help to motivate them.  Here are a few ways to reclaim your artistic creativity on days when inspiration seems just out of reach:

One idea is to find creativity within yourself. Meditation, reading old journal entries, writing new journal entries, and reworking old art pieces are all ways to get back in touch with your inner artist.

Another source for inspiration is the world outside. Local arts advocate Ruben Hernandez finds inspiration in God, in nature, and in art. Many artists visit museums and galleries to draw inspiration from other artists. Walking and hiking either in the urban landscape of Phoenix, or in the wild desert outside the city are great ways to exercise your senses and find new subjects for art.

People can also be a great inspiration. Local artist Hugo Medina writes that his daughters inspire him to create his art. The current exhibition at the Xico gallery is a portrait show that focuses on how individuals from the Hispanic community have influenced and inspired the artists.

Click here to read/listen to a report from National Public Radio about artists drawing inspiration from the recession. It’s not a new idea for creativity to be sparked by unhappiness, but these artists are purposefully leaving behind a system that they see as broken. They are creating their own “art world” outside all the usual rules.