El Katrin/La Katrina Costume Contest!!!

Join us for the Katrine/Katrina contest at our Dia de los Muertos festival November 5th where we challenge locals to dress as La Catrina or her male counterpart El Catrin.  Make a costume, a mask or paint your face. Costumes for women are generally long skirts, shawls, hats, feather goas and flowers. El Katrin for men is suave and debonair and even sexy with lots of style and glitter. Don’t forget the umbrellas or big sombreros, the more outrageous, the better! Contest starts at 4:30, fill out an entrance form at the Xico galeria or at the information booth on the day of the event!

Call 480-833-5875 or email info@xicoinc.org for more information.

Learn more about La Katrina here.