Artist Interview: Armondo Williams

Lady Guadalupe by Armondo Williams

Today we have an artist interview with Armondo Williams. Armondo was born in Phoenix, Arizona and was raised in various inner city neighborhoods in Phoenix, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, Bakersfield and Antioch, California. Armondo loved art from an early age and names his mother as his earliest art influence. He claims veteran Xico artist Martin Moreno as a mentor pushing him to continue his pursuit of becoming a successful artist.

Armondo is constantly experimenting with new ways to make art and constantly surprising the Xico staff with what he comes up with. To the left is his 7ft Lady Guadalupe, made by applying window film to glass.

Did you grow up with El Dia de los Muertos? If no, how did you first hear about it?

I was not really aware of the holiday till I was 16 since then I always had an interest in it basically because it is playfully spooky.

What’s your favorite Dia de los Muertos symbol?

The skulls. I love skulls.

What mediums do you work in? Which ones would you like to try?

Mainly acrylics but I really try to make art out of anything sometimes it works other times I am not so lucky. I love making short little movies, I would really like to try taking that more seriously one of my main influences are movies, specifically horror movies.

What are you working on right now? What are you doing next as an artist?

I am always working on something, I just set up a new mono printing station at my house, working on a horror game for the Iphone, my website and tattooing. Also I am preparing for an upcoming solo show that I have no idea where it will be at but it will consist of many large pieces including sculptures, paintings and at that time I should have a playable demo of my game.