Open Mic Night from Teatro Xico

Xico will be hosting an Open Mic Night Thursday December 1 at Gangplank (250 S. Arizona Ave in Downtown Chandler) from 7:00-9:00pm.

The theme of the night is cultural heritage, a wide open arena for the performers to express themselves. We have some awesome volunteers working hard to make this a great event, we have performers signed up and the venue is perfect (if you haven’t been to Gangplank yet, you should take this chance to check it out)… but why should you take my word for it? Check out the links below to see some of our performers speak (sing, and play) for themselves:

SUMI: singer/songwriter

Shout! Like You Mean It:  Singer/ Musician

Alyse Chinnock  Poet

Angela Anne   Singer/ Musician

Ira Hill Singer/Piano