How to Make a Silent Auction Meaningful

The first clock of 2012, by Oliverio Balcells

Like many nonprofits Xico organizes a silent auction each year to raise funds for the organization. Our silent auction is just one piece of a larger fundraising dinner that also includes a live auction of artwork. The dinner and auction model is one that works well for Xico (this year will be our 24th annual!) and over the years, that basic structure has endured. One aspect that did undergo a change in the last few years is the silent auction. By refocusing that part of the event to tie in with our mission, we’ve been able to draw attention to the auction and to the event as a whole while showcasing the talents of our artists.Most people think of silent auctions for charity as featuring items that happened to be donated. Over the past few years, Xico has changed that model by focusing the silent auction around a theme. Since we already have an event theme, it’s usually pretty easy to find something that fits. Last year the event theme was rock n roll, so our silent auction featured guitars. Xico distributed miniature guitars to our participating artists to do anything they wanted. The results were amazing! The organization found another venue to fulfill our mission (promoting Indigenous culture through art) and the artists get more exposure for their artwork. Our supporters seem to like the idea too, possibly because they get to bid on more great art, possibly because we’re not bugging them for donations. This year we’ll be featuring clocks, like the one above, to go with the theme “End of Days”.

For more information about Xico’s Annual Dinner and Art Auction, visit our website.

If any artists want a clock of their own, please contact Xico.

Keep an eye out on our facebook page for photos of more clocks as they are created.