Downtown Chandler: now with more art!

Something very cool happened recently in Downtown Chandler, Arizona and I want to make sure as many people hear about it as possible. It was a community project in the truest sense of the word, involving cooperation between several groups and individuals to create something new and wonderful. Curious yet? Look below to see what’s new in Chandler.It’s a mural! A tile mural created by local artist Annette Sexton Ruiz and students at Chandler High School. The mural was unveiled December 3rd and is part of Chandler’s centennial celebrations.

The great thing about this project (besides the great art) is that it involved the whole community. The Downtown Chandler Community Partnership spearheaded the project and provided the funding, the City of Chandler supported, administrators and teachers at Chandler High School were vital to making the project happen, Annette Sexton Ruiz used her artistic talents and of course the students worked hard to help Annette design, create, and install the mural. Love it when cooperation has such visible and awesome results!

Want to see the mural for yourself? It’s on the east side of San Marcos Place in Downtown Chandler (Between Buffalo and Boston Streets a block west of Arizona Ave).