What is a monoprint?

Tools for monoprinting

Monoprint (or is it mono print or monotype?) is an art media that many are unfamiliar with but which has an important place in cultural history. More on that history will follow in another post later this week, but for now lets start with what monoprints are. Monoprints are made by creating an image in ink on top of a glass plate. The plate and a sheet of paper are run through a press to transfer the ink to the paper. Monoprints are the only type of print that produces only one copy instead of many.

At Xico, one of our goals as an organization is encouraging awareness and production of monoprints. We hold workshops for artists who want to learn monoprinting or who want to expand their skills in the art. Some of those workshops take place at our in-house studio. Others are held at other studios that have more room or, the ability to incorporate other types of printmaking.

These photos are from our most recent printmaking workshop at Mesa Arts Center, led by Master Printer (and longtime Xico artist) David Manje. See more monoprints at the Xico galeria.

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