Is it 2012 yet? Predications for the Nonprofit Sector

Xico in October 2008

Xico in October 2011 Photos by Kelly Peterson

As we speed towards the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 it’s natural to look back at the past as a guide for the future.It’s strange to think that it was only three years ago that we moved into our Chandler home. But it’s true! In October of 2008 Xico moved out of our long-time office in Mesa, and into a gallery/office space in downtown Chandler. Above are two photos, then and now. If the progress we’ve made in the last three years says anything about where we’re going in the next three years, I’d say we’re going to do great.

Where is the nonprofit sector going in 2012?

1. Nonprofits will keep doing more with less. We’ll get leaner, smarter, and more creative in the ways that we meet challenges.

2. More collaboration will happen as nonprofits realize that they can’t (and don’t need to) make it on their own. I’m excited to see new partnerships emerge in unexpected places.

3. Nonprofits will be forced to create more transparency about their operations in the wake of nonprofit scandals and increasing demands from donors to know where their money goes. The easy availability of information on the internet will make this a major issue in 2012.