Artist Interview: Michelle I Ponce

Flor de Fuego by Michelle Ponce

Flor de Fuego by Michelle Ponce

Welcome to the first artist interview for Xico’s “Reach Within” exhibit, an entire show of small artworks at Xico through March 10. Today we’re talking to Michelle I. Ponce, a Caribbean artist currently living and working in Phoenix, Arizona.

How do you feel about creating small pieces vs. large pieces?

It’s a lot of fun to create small pieces and large pieces, they are both so different.  With small pieces I have to be very careful with my hand movements.  Large pieces also require careful attention; sincre they’re bigger, the viewer can see more of it!

Where does your creative urge come from?

My creative urge comes from a mixture of emotion, thought, and an urge to act, to create.  An idea comes to me that I feel I must share, and I pay heed to that urge.  The more I exercise that urge, the more it flows.

Do you remember when you first identified yourself as an artist?

Yes, it was in high school and I had a wonderful art teacher that supported my identifying as an artist.  I think I knew since I was younger, but it took years to actually feel comfortable calling myself an artist!

What do you have coming up next as an artist?

 I look forward to continued growth and a deeper understanding and appreciation of the process of creating.  There is much work to do!