Artist Interview: Damian Jim

My Definition by Damian Jim

Today’s Artist Interview is with Damian Jim, a Dine’ (Navajo) artist in Phoenix, AZ. You can see Damian’s work at the Xico gallery through March 10 at Xico as part of the “Reach Within” exhibition of small artworks.

How do you feel about creating small pieces vs. large pieces?

I like working with small pieces, the scale allows you to become more intimate with your audience.  I approach my work as being scalable from any idea and it’s only your ultimate statement which differentiates impact.  The “ultimate statement” is the voice of your painting, no matter the scale, and the result can speak volumes with your audience.

Where does your creative urge come from?

I have always been highly creative from a young age, and I’ve always used art as an outlet for my voice while I was growing up. I’m always sketching ideas out as quickly as I get them, and frequently use current art related media and events, advertising, and experiences, to create visual snapshots for sketches. 

Do you remember when you first identified yourself as an artist?

I started becoming involved in art contests in high school and my art teacher certainly helped me to start looking at art as a career after high school.  He even took the time to create an artist award for me at the end of the year, and it made a huge difference in defining my life as an artist.

What do you have coming up next as an artist?

Better visualizations, my next sketch list of paintings will utilize a return to old painting techniques on a large scale, while continuing to create pieces using different methods and media.