Artist Interview: Bertica Garcia Dubus

Happiness by Bertica Garcia Dubus

Our artist interview today is with Bertica Garcia Dubus, a talented artist originally from the Dominican Republic who has exhibited often in that country and in the United States. Her work is currently on display at Xico as part of the “Reach Within” exhibition of small artworks through March 10.

How do you feel about creating small pieces vs. large pieces?

I enjoy both. For me, it depends on the subject matter. I chose to use color pencils for the pieces on this show and enjoyed it. Although I feel I have more control over color when using oil paints, the pencils gave me the control needed for the details.

Where does your creative urge come from?

Many places. I am fascinated by nature and all that happens before us when the light shines on everyday objects. My goal is to bring attention to these “simple” things through my work and help other people become aware of them.

Do you remember when you first identified yourself as an artist?

Although I had been creating art since I was a child, I believe it was in college, when one of my pieces received high marks and many applauses. That day I felt like an artist.

What do you have coming up next as an artist?

I will be the featured artist at “Art in the Garden” on April 21st. This is a yearly exhibition presented by Berridge Nurseries, in Phoenix. Although the date has not been set, I have been invited to present an individual show at Arte San Ramon, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Next year (January 2013), I am scheduled to show at Northern Trust, in Scottsdale. This will also be an individual exhibition.