Artist Interview: Rachel Hernandez

Give It Away by Rachel Hernandez

Artist interview time! Today we’re talking to Rachel Hernandez, a local artist in the “Reach Within” exhibition of small artwork at Xico. You can see Rachel and her art tomorrow (Friday Feb 10th) at Xico (44 S. San Marcos Pl Chandler, AZ) from 5:30 to 8:30 during an opening reception. The exhibit will be up through March 10.

How do you feel about creating small pieces vs. large pieces?

I haven’t done any large pieces…yet. I’m looking forward to it since it just gives me more field to play in.

Where does your creative urge come from?

Mostly all of the jumbled up things that go on in my head. They have to have a place to go and painting has been a fantastic place to put them. I also have very saturated dream images that contribute to my creativity.

Do you remember when you first identified yourself as an artist?

Yes, a very good friend and fellow artist introduced me as an “artist” and that’s when it hit me. Before then I had just started painting a bit and didn’t feel I had earned the title yet, I’m not sure how that made sense then but now I feel it.

What do you have coming up next as an artist?

Besides the Xico show, which I’m absolutely thrilled about, I don’t have anything set up yet. I will be working on some pieces to donate for fund raisers so those will fun.