Artist Interview with Gloria Casillas

Self Portrait by Gloria Casillas

We had a great reception last night for our “Reach Within” exhibit, but if you missed it, the art is up through March 10 and we have an interview today with one of the featured artists. Gloria Casillas creates amazing works of art by using beadwork to blend traditional techniques with contemporary themes.

How do you feel about creating small pieces vs. large pieces?

Working with small pieces takes a lot of patience. For me working with beads becomes a trance because I become so concentrated on my work. It takes me a long time to complete what I consider my “big” pieces even though they measure less than 1’X 1′. When people see my work they tell me I must have a lot of patience to work with such small beads but I am very impatient in real life, working with beads challenges me and I love it!

Where does your creative urge come from?

My creative urge comes from everything and everyone. An image sparks up an idea and I create. My favorite thing to do is to freestyle, I just start doing, I don’t know how my project will end up but I continue moving and follow my instinct.

Do you remember when you first identified yourself as an artist?

I think the first time I identified myself as an artist was when I was asked to write my artist bio. For me it was scary to put myself out there with such a prestigious title and falling short from it. Now I know I am an artist because I create and there is no other like me who can create like me.

What do you have coming up next as an artist?

 Last year I became a member of the fabulous artist collective The Phoenix Fridas, we will have a show in June at Vision Gallery.