Resources for Artists

Today we’re adding to our artist’s handbook project by suggesting some resources that artists can use to get help locally.

1. Community Organizations- We’re awesome. Seriously though, getting involved with a local nonprofit or artist’s collective is great because they exist to support artists. The staff at those organizations probably know everyone in the community and can hook you up with connections. One thing- community orgs are great places to find collaborators, resources, and ideas but they’re usually not in the business of handing out money. They don’t have any. If you’re looking for grants, read on…

2. State Arts Commission– Your state arts commission is the place to go for grants. If they don’t offer any for you, they’ll know who does. Don’t be afraid to call up your state arts commission and just ask questions. Get to know the staff, attend events, and you’ll find some great opportunities.

3. Local Government- Many cities and towns have arts centers as part of their city government. It’s definiately worth it to contact them. They may award grants or contracts to artists for public art, and they will usually be involved in local festivals that can involve artists.

How do I find these resources?

Google is your friend here, none of the groups above are trying to hide from artists. They want to hear from you! If you’re in Arizona, we’ve done the work for you, here are the links:

Community Arts Organizations: Xico (that’s us), Artlink Phoenix,

Arizona Commission on the Arts

For a great example of a city arts center: Tempe Center for the Arts