Facebook Timelines: Nonprofit Edition

It’s been a week since Facebook switch over all  pages to the new timeline format. Many nonprofits chose to switch earlier, of course, and Facebook provided some pretty comprehensive tools to explain the new look.

My first thoughts on the timeline are that it’s great for nonprofits. Hopefully, most organizations have a creative volunteer or staff person who can make them an awesome attention-grabbing cover image. Then the new format gives organizations a lot of freedom to reorganize, add, subtract, and feature stories that show just how great they are. I like nonprofithub’s description of organizing a timeline as “storytelling.” As nonprofit people, we’re familiar with storytelling as a tool. We use it to hook volunteers, donors, and media into our organizations. We’re constantly advised to discover “what makes you special?” and “tell that story.” So it’s great that we can do that on facebook too.

Another thing I’ve noticed since switching to the timeline is that fans of the Xico page seem to be more engaged and the facebook analytics support that. We get more likes, more comments, and more shares now. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s easier for our fans to see our posts on the actual page or if something has changed with the way they see posts in their feeds. Either way, I’m not complaining.

If anyone has thoughts on this topic, please share them! I’m interested to know what other nonprofits think about their timelines and if you’re a fan of any nonprofits on facebook, what do you think?