TechSoup: Technology for Nonprofits

Today I want to highlight a great way for nonprofits to actually afford the technology they need to do business. It’s impossible for nonprofits to get anything done without a minimum of working computers for word processing and email. But these things can be expensive and so can special kinds of software that help nonprofits operate. As an arts organization, we’re dependent on Adobe Creative Suite for image editing and design, but the full price tag is way outside of a nonprofit budget. Quickbooks is another expensive piece of software that many nonprofits rely on, and database software like Raiser’s Edge is key for many fundraisers.

Another issue for nonprofits needing a technology upgrade is that many grantmakers don’t offer grants for “capacity-building” items like computers and software. While its understandable that they don’t want to pay for excessive administrative costs, some “capacity” is necessary for an organization.

So what’s the solution for a nonprofit that desperately needs new tech but can’t find the funds to pay for it? There are actually some great programs that recognize this need and work with tech companies to provide serious discounts to nonprofit organizations. There are several places that offer this, but we’ve been using TechSoup and have been really happy with them.

Check it out here.