East Valley Tribune Says Xico Mural is the Best!

Xico just won an award for Best Mural given by the East Valley Tribune. Yay! Check out the article here.

We like to think our mural is special because 1. it’s on the floor! and 2. it’s an ongoing collaboration between local artists, each of whom takes a 3’x3′ square to express themselves however they want. And it’s not even finished! There are a few squares still blank and waiting for an artist to claim them.

So even though our mural is pretty great, it’s far from being the only one in the area. While Phoenix isn’t as famous for its murals as Los Angelos, that may change as artists and community organizers work to create and advertise some amazing mural art. The Calle 16 project has resulted in some truely spectacular murals along 16th street in Phoenix.

For a bicycle tour of Phoenix’s murals, check out the Phoenix New Times’ Mural City series.