A Comment on the Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme

Having grown up with authentic tacos thanks to my Abuelita and my mom, when I first saw the Taco Bell commercial for Doritos loco tacos, I suddenly felt a sense of shame. Not only has traditional Tex-Mex food been transformed, but it has taken on a whole different level of craziness. It is now linked with Frito Lay.

Although I must admit that Doritos taste exceptional at age eight during snack time (feeling sneaky because your Mom doesn’t know that your friend Sally’s mom routinely picks up the Doritos packs at Safeway), or after you have had too many cheap beers and there is nothing else to eat in your crappy dorm room, the combination seems to be a statement on our culture’s ridiculous eating habits. (Maybe I really am growing up to have said any of this at all).

Basically, as I’ve continued to think about it, the orange dust on those chips still creeps me out immensely. What do they even put in that to preserve it? Definitely a weird potion of something that is definitely not cheese. But maybe I am being too critical…Maybe this is the forefront of the progression of American and Mexican cultural themes coming together as one. Sorry about that, Sheriff Joe.