September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month!

A great tradition is coming up and it is something you definitely do not want to miss. I think in the past, I probably would have wanted to miss it. I used to feel kind of weird about being Hispanic. This was mostly because while the other kids were getting Lunchables and fruit roll ups in their lunches, I would have a green Chile burro. The YouTube video “How to Handle a Habanero Chile” is actually useful to me. My Abuelita used to drink water out of the gardening hose and didn’t understand why a Brita filter was useful at all. We make tamales for Christmas. While I used to feel weird because it was different, as I’ve grown older and especially when I moved off to college, I’ve realized that my culture is something to be proud of more than anything. Many people grow up without these cultural memories or even knowing their background at all. This is why I am going to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage month. It’s happening all over Arizona. 🙂

Check out Chandler’s mariachi festival, Tempe’s Tardeada or the Cine Latino at the Phoenix Art Museum. More detailed info is right here: