Think of art in the polls on Nov 6th!

The LA Times have reported that President Obama’s budget outline for 2013 includes a 5% increase in arts and culture.

(The arts and humanities endowments each would get a 5.5% boost, to $154.255 million — nearly restoring cuts announced in December. But if Congress approves the president’s proposal for the fiscal year that begins in October 2012, the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities will still be well short of the $167.5 million each was set to receive before two separate rounds of cuts instigated by Congressional Republicans during 2011.) Read more here:

Although this may produce a lengthy argument, I have always felt that being able to offer more art and cultural studies within schools not only benefits children but also the overall generations to come. It will encourage right brainers and creative thinkers to hone their skills and become able to offer fresh perspectives when issues need to be resolved. While math and science should be given just as much credit, it is important to recognize that those with more artistic minds have insights that are just as important.